Melanie Fliszar aka dieMellie

Grias'ds aich, I am Mellie.


37 years young and overjoyed here and with Steffi the Finel to give new momentum.


I am a trained banker and work my felt life already in the gastro ... where I appreciate direct customer contact and I can fully develop ...


With the job here in the beautiful Finel (probably the most beautiful place in Switzerland…) as host and team member Nr1 I feel the first time fiddle and arrived.


HomeSweetHome as it is called - my Cozy Trailer thank you!


Susanne Grossmann

Our Jemako Putzfee - the best cleaning agent in the world !!!


Without her we would not keep the finel in the swing as it looks, also in the service it is a piece of gold!

Susanne Grossmann
Susanne Grossmann


Ex - stewardess at Swiss International Airlines - which actively supports us at breakfast ...

Our Cats

I'm CK - rather the daredevil anyway what mice hunt is concerned - my brother Pitschgi is more like the diva and makes you look nice, together we have arrived here in paradise - and want to stay here forever - that's why our mum the Finel necessarily operate in winter - more information will follow soon ... we are definitely at the start ...

B&B Finel Gastro GmbH

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3706 Leissigen

Tel. +41 (0)33 847 11 12


CHE-433.852.472 MWST


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